My Music

I’ve been writing songs since I was a teenager.   Recently a high school aquantence  had posted on facebook he had lost their new born daughter.  My heart goes out.  That was one of the reasons I decided it was time to share this song.  It was written for some friends who lost their daughter.  For all the parents who must walk through the death of a child, “One Little Girl” is for you.

It is  available on itunes for a whoppin .99 cents.

My First Single

One Little Girl

One Response to “My Music”
  1. Kevin G. Bolt says:

    Thank you for sharing your song with me at this difficult time in my life. Your gracious expression is rare, in light of the ongoing difficulty finding anyone who cares enough to listen. I don’t burden people with my pain and suffering, as I want to be fair towards those I interact with. My girlfriend and I continue to adjust, manage our emotions, and continue being responsible for our 2-year old son. He is much too young to comprehend the complexity of our distress, but I did tell him generally about his sister. I will explain much more when he is old enough to understand, and hope he does not fault us for her loss. He will eventually be curious about the urn we keep that contains her ashes. Her life was very brief, and she likely experienced pain and distress, but we made certain she heard us and knew we were there for her. Her memory will live on, and we look forward to seeing her in heaven.

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