Life is about a lot of things, one of them being, change.  Old pictures remind me that life is in constant transition. Transition means change, and change is hard.  Even when the present is not ideal, it is … Continue reading

Work In Progress. Forgiveness Granted, Grace Required.

About a month ago my 9-year-old got invited to a birthday party. It was a pretty big deal because the parents of the birthday girl had rented out a local attraction that consists of wall-to-wall trampolines. Serious fun for kids. So, being the busy working mother that I am, I put it on my phone … Continue reading

Grief’s Treasures

It has been 9 months since my dad died. I still miss him. God did not come and heal his cancer. Nor did He give him just one more summer as I pleaded for. As a faith-professing woman I have been dealing with the deep disappointment that God did not see fit to spin the … Continue reading

Dancing in the Rain

Sometimes in life things happen that bring cause for introspection and reflection.  I’m in one of those seasons right now.  Cancer has touched my family close and personal.  These things happen to others, but until now, my family seemed exempt from such evil. I’ve been thinking about just how blessed I am to have the … Continue reading

A life that has been Marked. Marker G

I made a profound life discovery when I was sixteen years old. I haven’t intentionally kept it a secret; it’s just that I haven’t shared this finding with very many people, until now. I have been in the process of observation for many years. I am ready to share my hypothesis with the world. Every … Continue reading


Some memories seem like yesterday.  I will never forget the day my dad picked me up from a fun evening at the roller skating rink with friends.  I no sooner had hopped in our black van than my dad told me that my dog had been shot and killed by our neighbor.  There was no … Continue reading


When my husband told me he wanted to have a blog as part of our new website, I said, “Great, you do that.” Then he suggested I have one too. I said, “Nope, not interested.” He encouraged me telling me what valuable things I had to share and I said, “yea, yea, yea…. no thanks.” … Continue reading