about me

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog.   I am the mother of three great kids and the wife of a pretty amazing husband of 22 years.  We pastor a new church plant in Spokane, Washington.  It’s called City Life Church.  We opened our doors June of 2010.  It is an amazing journey.  I have a Bachelors of Science in Organizational Mass Communications and work full time as the Volunteer Coordinator for Horizon Hospice.  At church I lead worship, lead the womans’ group, and teach kids church.  I love to encourage women in their own journey of faith.  At work, I recruit, train and connect volunteers to terminally ill patients as well as handle all the documentation that goes along with it.  At home, I’m mom.  I love watching my kids’ sports and just eating a family meal together.  If life ever allows me free time again I would like to bring back some hobbies like gardening, scrap booking, and playing soccer.  At the moment though these remain fond memories of days gone by.  No complaints though… life if full of purpose and I am quite thankful for it all.


5 Responses to “about me”
  1. Shellie Klink says:

    Hey Lori, how is the book club going? I am wondering if you are thinking about doing something virtually so those of us far away can play as well?


  2. John M says:

    Your community work and spirit is commendable indeed. I am a student of the Bible and wonder if you post comments on what the Bible Really Teaches. I have found that the Bible’s teachings are in many ways contrary to many Christian church teachings. What are your thoughts.

  3. John M says:

    Hi, It seems you are very busy in community service and should certainly be commended. I am a Bible student. I find that many of the Bible’s teachings go contrary to the teachins of many Christians religions. What are your thoughts?

    • Lori Bradeen says:

      John, you would have to give me an example as to specifically what you are referencing. Surely there are discrepancies within various religions and churches. Doctrines vary among Christians. However, I believe when we have truly been touched by the grace of a Holy God, and we become, “born again,” there is a desire to love and honor the Lord by loving what he loves, people… broken people, misguided people, arrogant people, all kinds of people. When people come to Christ, their spirit is made new but it is a journey to transform our heart and character to that of Christ as well as grow in wisdom. So, Christianity reflects the messy process of God’s transforming work in our lives. Yet God chose to use the church, the body of Christ, with all of its shortcomings, to reveal himself to the word and one another. What a gracious God he is.

  4. John M says:

    Sorry about the double post…..:)

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